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Happy Birthday Eldred Gregory Peck!                                                                                        

April 5th 1916 - June 12th 2003

"In art there is compassion, in compassion there is humanity, with humanity there is generosity and love. Gregory Peck gave us these attributes in full measure."

- Brock Peters

"He was no saint, but he was a man of extraordinary gifts. Of course, he was tall, dark and handsome, but actually more than that - he was dazzling."

- Lauren Bacall

His expressiveness in the bottom right square is lost to any person who’s had Botox.

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Perfumes Inspired by Dead Writers

Ernest Hemingway: Salt water, rum, coconut and lime, cigar smoke, Spanish wine

F. Scott Fitzgerald: Gin, citrus, oak (prep school, amirite), in a champagne-flute shaped bottle with gold flecks in it

Jane Austen: Darjeeling tea, snowdrops and pansies (flowers from her garden), meadow grass

Dorothy Parker: Whiskey sour, vanilla, mandarin, white musk

Edgar Allan Poe: Poppies, absinthe, sandalwood, and mold

Flannery O’Connor: Church incense, soap, vanilla, ginger

Jack Kerouac: Cigarettes, cheap beer, unwashed youth, patchouli, car leather

the Bronte Sisters: Heather, sea air, vetiver, primrose, black tea

Louisa May Alcott: Fir tree, red currant, blood orange, coffee beans

Tolstoy: Vodka, musk, black tea, black peppercorn, cedar

Sylvia Plath: Freshly washed linen, vanilla, daffodils, lavender

Margaret Mitchell: Musk, magnolia, tea, sugar, gardenia blossoms

Dickens: Cloves, tobacco, patchouli, brandy water, river water

Anne Sexton: Vodka martini, tobacco, lemon verbena, peppermint

Hmmm. I bet I could make some of these.

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